Dj Simi

Dj Simi was born and raised in Napoli (Naples, Italy)The first time he saw a dj was at 12 years old. Passion at first sight. He manifestates an interest for hiphop and particularly for scratch and turntablism, immediately. At his 18ths he starts to go more for professionalism. His passion for music doesn't know limits, with years passing by he starts to work in studio and take out his art with different music styles, hiphop, techno, house, deep, newjazzfunk, lounge & soundtracks for cinema and documentaries.His capacity to use turntables, samplers,softwares, cd players, synthetizers, comes for his big interest for the "sound", that leans him to realize a series of projects, different between them but together in an unique style.A style that has been influenced in time of every global music influence, starting from the primitive roots of every corner of the world.He has performed with lots of international dj's, in all Italy, big part of europe and all the world.From over 20 years he is an expert DJ and these are only some clubs where he has played:

Angels of love parties,Neapolis Of Love Festival,DeepNMorning,Syncopate,Colazione da tiffany,The Base,Echoes,Cocorico’,PeterPan,ECU,MadameButterfly,Il Muretto,
AlterEgo,LíAltro Mondo Studios,Neapolis Festival,Tag,Magazzini Generali,Today,Club999,DolceVita,4cento(Italy),
Soma parties(Paris),
Ministry of sound,Emporium,TheEnd,Heaven,Movida,Egg,Fire(London),
Pacha,KU,KM,Penelope (Benidorm Spain),
Space(resident at legendary Carl Cox Revolution Night),Pacha,El Divino,Ushuaia (Ibiza),
Palaextra (Zurich),
Tank,Bourbon,Dragonfly,Favela,WeLoveSound Festival (Sydney),
Tribeca,Crobar (New York City)
The Room (Budapest)
Ambasada Gavioli(Slovenia)
KuDeTa,Liquid,Double Six,Castway Festival(Bali Indonesia),
Footwork,Comfort Zone(Toronto)
Drama Club,Beatpatrol Festival (Vienna)
Weekend (Berlin)
RIU Palace (Mallorca)

In 1998 he made an italian Hip-hop project called LA FAMIGLIA,selling more of 50000 copies and writing the history of this genre in Italy.After 10 years the 2 albums of LA FAMIGLIA keep to inspiring all the new italian hip-hop artistes and playing in live in all Italy and part of the Europe(Some squares:Milan 30000 people,Turin 40000 people,Tirana 200000 people.Some theaters Sanremo,Livorno,Venezia,Napoli,Roma.Some tv channels: Rai,Mediaset,Tele+,Tmc. In 2000, together Fabio "Masterkeys”,he creates a series of projects that start to go into the history of the club culture(their productions are released with labels of worldwide importance like INTEC/23RD CENTURY of Carl Cox, YOSHITOSHI of Sharam, SCI-TEC of Dubfire)In 2002 both artists create a vinyl label named DECK, proposing an exclusive sound of cult in dancefloors of all around the planet , receiving support and consence from the dj star system. Always together MasterKeys,he did another great musical experience making the album of the SURFERS,called Indigenous Legend,genre chill-jazz-funk-ambient,released on Undiscovered UK Records.A journey thru different kind of music from all the world,with many italian musicians.Another project from 2004 is ETHNO LIGHT.There are 2 albums for the italian national tv channel RAI.The tracks are created for original soundtracks for a movie and for many documentaries. In 2006 DJ Mag asked Carl Cox to choose one DJ to face off against, for a special covermount CD. The British techno superstar selected DJ Simi, above all others.Then in 2008, comes Simi debut release on Dubfire SCI+TEC label. The two tracks Errore di Sistema / R1 hit the shuffle techno vibe right on the head and proved Simi was just as capable of producing dark Detroit and Berlin inspired bleep thrillers, as he was at creating Chicago-led floor fillers. Actually KENPO RECORDINGS,is the his label (started in 2010 with Antonio Grassia). Simi and Antonio find a sound solid,dub,with mechanic loop influenced by house,and a warm deep sound,all conceived straight for the dancefloor. At the moment he is working on the full original soundtracks for the italian movie Nel Nome Del Padre,upcoming at cinema in the 2017. And from 1 year he is dedicating to his own party..called PLAYKIDS !!


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